3 Things You Need to Protect Your Mobility Scooter from Rain

Mobility scooters are an invaluable tool for anyone who suffers from mobility issues; instead of staying housebound or waiting for someone else to take you out, you can use your scooter to stay mobile and remain independent. Of course, the United Kingdom isn’t exactly known for its lack of rainy days, so you need to understand how to protect your mobility scooter from the rain.

Here are just three things you’re going to need.

  1. Covers

You should never leave your mobility scooter exposed to the rain, which is why it’s so important to park it somewhere inside when you’re not using it. Unfortunately, we can’t always know exactly when it’s going to rain, and it’s easy to get caught short by a quick shower when you’re at the shops. That’s why you need to pick up a cover. You simply lay it over the scooter to keep the rain off. It’s easy to throw a cover over a scooter, and they’ll keep it protected from dust and other elements as well as rain.

  1. Canopies

If you know you’re probably going to be driving your mobility scooter in the rain, you need to prepare ahead of time by picking up an all-weather removable canopy. Designed to let you use your mobility scooter regardless of the rain, the canopy has a sturdy metal frame and roll-up doors – essentially, the whole of the scooter, as well as the rider, is covered by water-resistant plastic. You can see ahead and remain in control, and you’ll reach your destination without getting soaked.

  1. Tiller Covers

Perhaps you don’t really expect to drive during downpours but still need protection to operate your mobility scooter when there’s a bit of a drizzle. If so, a tiller cover makes sense. The tiller is the part of your mobility scooter where the controls are located, so it’s the part most vulnerable to moisture damage. Made of clear plastic, a tiller cover fits over the top to protect your controls while still allowing you to operate your scooter.