Another Way To Ride: 3 Tips For Attending The Kentucky Derby

There are some things everyone should have a chance to do in life – from visiting international landmarks to eating great food, but for those with a passion for sports, an incredible bucket list experience is going to the Kentucky Derby. You may not be the jockey, but it will still be a thrill.

Because the Kentucky Derby is rooted in tradition – the race goes back to 1875 – you can’t just turn up and expect to be ushered on in. No, you need to fully prepare yourself for a trip to the Derby, which means not just buying tickets but also choosing the right clothes, knowing the rules, and understanding how race day operates. In some ways, the Kentucky Derby is as much a sport as a religion.

Are you ready for a look inside the ceremony of achievement that is the Kentucky Derby? Before you hit the track, here’s what you need to know.

It’s Short

While the lead up to the Kentucky Derby and the ceremony surrounding it are drawn out, the fact is that the event itself is over very quickly, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports.” That’s a lot of weight to put on something so brief. Then again, aren’t the most exciting part of any sporting event those small moments of tension? The Kentucky Derby condenses those moments into two minutes of incredible energy.

Dress The Part

You’ve seen it on TV – people dress up for the Kentucky Derby. In a sense, it’s not that different from donning your favorite team’s jersey for a football game, but most sports fans feel a bit differently. Wearing a fancy hat and classic dress clothes can feel stuffy to those who are used to football or baseball.

The good news is that you can scale your dress based on your ticket price. The more expensive your tickets, the more dressed up you should be. On the fancier end, men typically wear seersucker suits and women always need a fabulous hat. If you’re going to be in the infield for the event, though, you can get away from with nice jeans and a t-shirt. Keep it to the pastel, tasteful color scheme, though; you don’t want to get too crazy.

Eat Up

You wouldn’t go to a baseball game without enjoying a hotdog and a beer, right? Well the Kentucky Derby has its own traditional foods, and you should be sure to enjoy them. Most people know about mint juleps, a traditional alcoholic beverage, but don’t forget to chow down on a Kentucky hot brown. This classic hot sandwich is the perfect derby food.

You still have time to book tickets for this year’s Kentucky Derby, which will take place on Saturday May 6, 2017. Is this the year you’ll get to experience this incredible sporting event? Once you’ve witnessed this display of athletic prowess and Southern-style celebration, you’ll never want out miss out again.