Be Protected When You Roll: 3 Things You Need To Stay Safe on Wheels

As we enter the winter months, the number of people you will see outside cycling, skateboarding, or skating may dwindle. It’s just too cold for some. Then, there are the winter warriors who don’t care what the weather is like. Ice?

That just adds to the awesomeness of this trick (if they pull it off.) One of the circumstances that just comes with the territory of being on wheels is that you will eventually wipe out or wreck that bike. In the winter, those injuries will hurt a lot more if you are not protected. Here are a few things to keep handy.


Do you want to hear something scary? Over 900 people a year die in bicycle wrecks because they were not wearing a helmet. If you are a skateboarder, consider this. There are 50,000 trips to the ER because the person involved was not wearing a helmet.

About 1,500 of them end up hospitalized. We’ve heard it all. “They give me helmet hair.” “It’s uncomfortable.” “They make me sweat more.” “They’re just don’t look good on me.”

In the light of the number of deaths and injuries that could have been prevented by the simple use of a helmet, these statements seem juvenile, at best. If you choose to bike, skate, or skateboard, please make sure to wear a helmet. It very well could save your life.  


The next addition to your wheely wardrobe should be knee and elbow pads. Every true wheely knows that it’s not a question of if you wipe out, but when. With that said, wipeouts can be very questionable things to endure.

They are painful, to say the least, and the majority of the pain can come from road rash. Road rash is the term used for a skin injury caused by the friction between your body and the road, sidewalk, or pavement when you wreck.

The majority of those abrasions tend to find their way to your elbows and knees. If you invest in a simple pair of knee and elbow pads, you have a much slimmer chance of having to deal with that inconvenience.


This last piece of armor is more for the avid skaters. Remember that time when you were coming off those stairs into an awesome grind on the railing? It was great right up until the end when you slipped and fell face first.

Unfortunately, you tried to brace yourself with your hands and broke one of your wrists in the process. This is not uncommon. When a person falls forward, it is a natural instinct to put our hands out to soak up some of the impacts of the fall.

Be that as it may, our wrists are only meant to handle so much pressure. When that is exceeded, the break. This is the perfect reason to invest in one or two wrist guards. Occasionally, it might even be appropriate to invest in some shin guards, as well.

Cycling, skateboarding, and skating can be an amazing time of meeting challenges and just plain fun. Make it a safe one by wearing your protective gear.