Bike Accessories that are More Important than You Think

Cyclist Helmet

This is a no-brainer, but it has to be mentioned purely based on its sheer importance. Seriously, you may have never been involved in any serious cycling injury, but a helmet could very well be the only thing standing in the way of you suffering a serious head or neck injury, or even death.

While a lot of cyclists’ helmets these days come with an array of cute little bells and whistles, what’s important is its effectiveness in delivering its primary function, which is to offer adequate protection in case of impact.

Mounted Action Cam

Famous brands such as the popular GoPro perhaps come to mind when we discuss mountable action cameras for cyclists, but this nifty little gadget does more than just capture the memories you make while enjoying the great outdoors on your bike. As made clear by car accident lawyers Christensen & Hymas, what you capture on your mountable action camera can come in very handy as some much needed evidence for any legal case which may be associated with such accidents. You don’t have to be the one driving the car to be involved in such an unfortunate event, so as much as this may be a rather negative way of looking at things, it really does help to have some video evidence of what transpired at the scene of the accident.

Besides, some of the unique footage you may capture might just make you a viral YouTube sensation, so that’s perhaps a little bit more of a positive way of looking at it.

Spare Hand-Held Torch

Your bike may be kitted out with some nifty little mounted accessories such as what is becoming a rather outdated dynamo light, but it’s important to have some back up. A spare hand-held torch will do, with one of those tactical ones used by military personnel fitting the bill perfectly. It’s important for it to be a tactical one because of the features one of that kind comes with – features which are almost built for cyclists’ needs beyond those of military professionals. The strobe or SOS features of your dynamo bicycle light are notorious for what seems to be some built-in faultiness which just comes with the territory, so it’s best to just have some back-up on hand.

Tube Patch Kit

The good old tube patch kit may seem like a rather obvious accessory to take along with you on your biking excursions, but you’ll be surprised at just how many cyclists only really realise just how much they need it once they’re far away from home and they need to do a patch-job on their punctured tubes. I suppose it is a bit justifiable why modern day cyclists would forget something like this since cycling has gone high-tech these days, but a tube patch kit is indeed an important accessory every cyclist should always make sure to take along. A dry tube patch kit naturally works best, otherwise you might have to add hunting for a body of water to your outdoor adventures making up your cycling excursion.