Don’t walk towards death by smoking – Switch to vaping instead!

Though the smokers are pretty aware of the fact that smoking cigarette is injurious to health, yet they never think of calling it quits. The lack of enough relevant information on the harm that is caused due to smoking can also have a dangerous impact. You will soon begin to notice some changes in your body and health whenever you begin to use cigarettes. Your hair, breath and clothes will smell of smoke, your fingers will become yellow and your teeth will start staining. With time, you will also develop a smoker’s cough and begin to suffer from different allergies like fever, runny nose and buildup and mucous.

These won’t seem to have a huge impact on you but these are just the beginning of the symptoms of smoking. With time, you will start noticing lack of ability to participate in athletics as the capacity of lungs will find it tough to stay active. Blood pressure will increase and this will increase irritability within your throat.

What are the long term impacts of smoking?

With time, as you become an active smoker, things will start getting worse. The stains that you see on your teeth and hands will tend to worsen and you might even start feeling paranoid when you require a cigarette. If you tend to get the smell of tobacco from someone else who’s smoking, this will lead to instant cravings. Something that was being considered as a habit to enjoy will soon become a necessity.

You will tend to breathe in a rugged manner and there might appear a scar tissue on your lungs and throat. Eventually, the respiratory system will break down due to the habit of smoking. If you deal with these symptoms for a long time, you may even die.

Is there an alternative?

Well, with the introduction of vape pens or electronic cigarettes in 2008, there is a worthy alternative to smoking. Vaping has become more popular than smoking in recent years, which is the reason why vape shops can be seen regularly stocking up on accessories such as vape pens and empty cartridges (see for more info) as well. But as for the normal smoker, why should they consider vaping as a safer alternative than smoking? Here are few reasons.

  • You don’t inhale smoke but vapor

When you smoke, you inhale nicotine and tobacco, which are the most addictive elements of a cigarette. This is something that causes immense harm to your body. But when you vape, you aren’t inhaling all of those toxic substances that come with a cigarette. In this way, vaping is similar to smoking weed which you can get from a medical weed dispensary. Smoking weed is much less harmful than smoking a cigarette due to the absence of carcinogenic tar, preservatives, and additives that are present in cigarettes. So when you vape, the only thing you are inhaling is water as steam and a much lower level of nicotine. Hence, it is much less harmful.

Furthermore, there is now an abundance of different vape cartridges available for vapes. These include CBD and THC vapes – both of which provide many health benefits. Visit to learn more about these products, but they have been found to be very effective against many mental health ailments. So, not only will you be improving your health by missing out on the negative effect cigarettes can have on your health, you could also be gaining the health benefits that some vapes can provide.

  • You can quit smoking

Once you start vaping, you can soon call smoking quits. The nicotine dissolved in water is what you inhale when you vape and the vape can be released in the form of clouds. While you keep having this for few months, you tend to let go of the habit of smoking or vaping altogether. Experts recommend that you should stop vaping too as soon as the purpose is served.

Hence, when it comes to quitting smoking, vaping is always the better alternative that can be chosen anytime. You can even save your money down the line. You can get one for yourself from Vapour2 UK.