Five Fun Things To Help You Enjoy The Great Outdoors

It’s important to get time in the out-of-doors. Not only does it let you get fresh air, clear your lungs, and enjoy nature, but it also gets you that fifteen minutes in the sunlight to get the daily dose of vitamin D that your body needs. There are plenty of things that can get you outside.

Spring is a great time for planting gardens, whether you want to grow food or flowers. The rest of the year, until autumn, you’ll be picking and weeding. If you want to get a little more physical while you’re outside, try these suggestions.

Go Horseback Riding

Go horseback riding. While the horse does do most of the work, it’s still a great workout for your legs, since they’ll be doing some overtime holding you on. Horses or wonderful creatures and worth getting to know.

In fact, they use equine therapy in addiction recovery. Just think of the horse as a large dog you can ride and it will take away some of the fear you might have. After your first ride, you’ll be want to go again.

Go For A Bike Ride

Riding a bicycle is great exercise and an eco-friendly way to get around. Make sure you test a bike before you buy one, so you get one that fits your body and height. Then, get it out on the road (or sidewalk) every chance you get.

Make sure to follow safety rules and local laws when biking. You definitely want to wear a helmet since accidents do happen.

Take A Hike/Walk

If you enjoy strolling through town or nature, walking and hiking will be the outdoor adventures you want to take. Hiking will take you on tougher terrain, often, and is great for toning your leg muscles. Find a local hiking trail and don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you.

Walking can be done anywhere. You can walk around the block or around town. If you have a school with an outdoor track you may even be able to use that when it’s not during school hours and not in use.

Play A Sport

The warmer months offer you all sorts of opportunities to get out and try your hand at some sports, regardless of whether you do it for the fitness, the competition, or the fun. In fact, it’s even pretty likely that you have a local park that has a basketball court or a tennis court, so this is the perfect time to put them to use.

Aside from basketball and tennis, you could try beach volleyball, golf, or even surfing, provided that you live by the ocean. Who knows, you may develop a special love for these sports over time, so much so, that your friends and family may be calling you the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, especially if you decide to buy yourself the best golf launch monitor (view this link
for more information) on the market. So get out there and try something new.

Enjoy A Jog/Run

If you want a little more impact than walking allows, go for a jog or a run. Again, you can find different terrains and different paths to run or jog on. You may just want to run in your neighborhood or you may go to a local park.