Four Things To Quit Before You Get Into Sports

Even if you just want to exercise and not join a team, you need to think about your all around health if you’re going to get serious about a sport. If you’re going to put bad things into your body, what’s the point in doing something that’s healthy for you?

Sports can be a great way to get some physical fitness into your life, and it’s a fun way to do it. Or, maybe you simply like the competition. If you intend to get into professional sports, you definitely need to drop the bad habits.

Don’t Do Drugs

Drugs will take you down a path that you do not need to go down. Even people that sample drugs can end up in the hospital. Drugs can take your life, and if you do intense sports they could kill you even faster.

If you do have a drug problem, there is help for you. If you are already recovering from drug addiction, adding some fitness from a sport into your life can be a wise decision. It can help give you something healthy to focus on, and it can help your body and mind heal faster.

Cut Back On Alcohol

Drinking in moderation is not a problem, not for most people anyway. An alcoholic, or recovering alcoholics, shouldn’t drink at all if they want to stay recovering. If you want to be more fit, have a higher jump, or be able to sprint farther, alcohol definitely isn’t your friend.

Plus, you don’t want to keep increasing your beer gut when you are working on getting healthy. Be wiser with the alcohol you opt to drink as well. A glass of red wine can be heart healthy, but a bunch of mixed drinks with soda in them is going to greatly increase your calorie intake.

Nix The Caffeine

You may feel like caffeine is a good thing for you when it comes to working out and playing sports. It gives you energy, after all. However, caffeine has the same effect on the body that adrenaline does, it increases your heart rate.

If your heart rate is already increased from caffeine and you start working out and it increases more, you run the risk of having a heart attack. This has happened to high school sports players and adults, from drinking energy drinks before hitting the court or the field.

Quit Smoking

If you want to increase your ability to run or play without getting winded, now is the time to quit smoking. Smoking is bad for your lungs, but quitting will start to allow your lungs to heal fairly quickly. If you’re looking for some medical assistance with this, you could take a look at what’s available on menschem and see if you think that could help.

Once you quit your lungs will begin to clear out (you’ll probably hack up a lot of gross stuff) and you will be able to work up to a better breather stamina over time. Make sure to start slow, and work up to more running, jogging, or playing longer.