Great Cycling Conferences in the World

Between the emphasis on exercise and the need to reduce emissions to preserve the environment, cycling has become a very popular sport. If you love cycling, there are many ways to enjoy the thing you’re passionate about. Take a look at some of these great cycling conferences from around the world and take your hobby to the next level.


Interbike is one of the largest gatherings of cycling enthusiasts and industry experts in the United States. Every year, people who love cycling and people who work in the cycling industry meet up at Interbike to get a complete update on all the new innovations in the bike industry. For example, one manufacturer may watch another manufacturer debut its new design that makes use of some brand-new, patented technology. All told, the show ends up hosting around 1,000 different cycling brands every year.


When you want the feel of Interbike at an international event, biciGO is the best way to go. Just like Interbike, biciGO is a yearly event where cycling brands and enthusiasts from all over the world gather to set up custom trade show booths to put their innovations on display. Again, this is one of the biggest displays of cycling innovations in the world, so you’re sure to see some awesome new technology if you take a trip to biciGO.

CosmoBike Show

Seeing the latest innovations in the cycling industry is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t quite capture what makes cycling so great. If you want a cycling conference that encapsulates everything that makes cycling loved by people throughout the world, the CosmoBike Show is just the ticket.

The CosmoBike Show is designed to give you a more comprehensive cycling enthusiast experience, which includes meeting with some cycling champions, seeing some of the most spectacular bicycles in the world, and learning about the full history and future of cycling. If you’re a particularly passionate cycling enthusiast who isn’t primarily interested in seeing new cycling innovations, this is the way to go.

Electric Bike Expo Tour

There was a time when cycling referred only to basic, old-school road bikes, but that’s not the case anymore. Innovations in cycling technology mean that there are bikes for every situation you could imagine, including electric bicycles for people who want to cycle for their commute without having to put forth so much effort.

The Electric Bike Expo Tour celebrates a newer age of cycling culture by bringing electric bike technology to the forefront. You’ll get to learn about electric bikes, see new models and innovations, and above all else, you’ll have fun while you’re doing it. If you wish to partake in these cycling events, then you could procure an electric bike from an electric bicycle manufacturer similar to Avaris and enjoy to the fullest.

Other great events to keep your eyes peeled for include the Dubai International Bicycle Exhibition and the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. If you’re truly passionate about cycling and want to find a way to enjoy that passion more, there’s nothing better than going to one of the best cycling conferences in the world.