The Best Bike Storage Ideas for This Year

Bikes come in handy for exercising and commuting, regardless of whether you live in the city or the countryside. Unfortunately, storing your bike can be a headache sometimes, especially if you don’t have a large house. Keeping your bike in a safe and convenient place is essential so you can easily access it every time you need to.

How to Store Your Bike

There are multiple bike storage ideas on the internet. However, some of them may be challenging to apply. This article will cover the easiest and most practical bike storage options, whether you ride every day or occasionally. These solutions are applicable in yards, houses, apartments, and sheds.

Free Standing Racks

This storage solution is great when you don’t have plenty of wall space or you don’t like hanging your bike on the wall. These racks are easy to install since you fix the columns between the floor and the ceiling and hang your bikes horizontally. They are very stable and can accommodate between two to four bicycles. However, kids may find them difficult to use.

Horizontal Wall Racks

This option uses the wall space to store your bike rather than the floor. Some horizontal wall racks require you to fix them onto the wall, while others lean against the wall. This storage option suits DIY enthusiasts and people who don’t have plenty of floor space. However, they can only accommodate two bikes, and kids may find it challenging to mount theirs.

Ceiling Racks

Ceiling racks are most suitable when you don’t have any floor and wall space to spare. More ceiling storage options include vertical pulley systems. Typically, you use a pulley to hoist your bike by the seat and handlebars. However, installing ceiling racks is more complex than wall and floor racks. Kids may also find it hard to use ceiling racks without assistance from an adult.

Floor Racks

Floor racks are one of the easiest ways to store your bike. You don’t even need to install them. You place them on the floor, and they hold your bike in an upright position. For this reason, kids can easily use them. Also, you can easily move the floor racks around. Their downside is that they take up lots of floor space. In addition, some are not compatible with small-sized bikes.

Vertical Wall Racks

This storage option saves on wall space. You’ll hang the bike on the wall using its front wheel. The bike sticks out into the room rather than lying against the wall, which means that you can mount several bicycles in a row. These racks are most suitable when you have ample wall area and multiple bikes to store. Modern vertical storage methods, such as those from Parkis, lift the bike for you, making things easier.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple storage options available. However, some might not suit your needs. It is vital to assess your room before settling for a storage method. For instance, if you have kids with bikes, the best storage method would be floor racks. Also, if you move homes constantly, permanent storage options may not be the best for you.