The Best Bikes for Cycling on the Roads

A big part of getting yourself ready to ride on the road, apart from making sure you know how to ride a bike and how to do it safely on roads, is choosing the right bike to do so.

Having the best road bike can help prevent accidents and make your commute or pleasure ride a million times more enjoyable.

Getting one of the best bikes for the road can negate the need for bike accident law firms, if the bike is good enough, the chances of an accident are significantly lower.

So here’s a run down of some of the best bicycles that you can get for the road right now. New technology is being developed all the time, so it’s worth checking back as and when you need a bike upgrade to make sure you’re getting the most up to date list!

Get the Correct Road Bike Size

The best way to get the right road bike for each individual is to go along to a bike shop and actually sit on and try out the bikes for size. This size should take into account the frame size in relation to the wheels as well as handlebar and saddle placement, any good bike shop should be able to help you out with this.

Choose the Right Type of Brake

There are two main types of brake that come on a standard road bike: rim brakes and disc brakes. They’re pretty self-explanatory from the name. Rim brakes sit on the rim of the wheel while disc brakes focus their pressure on the centre of the wheel.

Typically, endurance bikes tend to have disc brakes while racing bikes most commonly have rim brakes (also known as caliper brakes.)

There’s no hard or fast ‘right’ set of brakes for road riding, but you should be aware that disc brakes offer superior braking, but rim brakes are often lighter and can offer that little bit of respite on a naturally heavy bike.

The Bikes to Buy

The bike that you end up buying will be influenced in large part by the budget you have to spend, although that’s not to say you can’t get a great bike on the cheap.

2017 Giant Content 2

The Giant Content can be picked up for less than £600 and it’s a great bike for an easy commute or for leisurely weekend rides. The bike is incredibly light and it shows when you’re riding it, you can feel the lack of weight when you’re on the road and it’s an incredible thing.

Rose Pro SL 2000

The Rose Pro is a massive step up from the Giant Content in regards to spec and quality – but it comes with a fair heftier price tag at around £900 new. The frame is alloy and high quality wheels as standard. It handles beautifully, and the proof is in the enjoyment that everyone feels while riding it.

Trek Domane SL 6

If you’ve got a big budget to play with, then there’s nothing quite like the Trek Domane. It’s not for the faint hearted, setting you back around £2500 but it is so worth it if you can afford it. When it was first released it rocked the world of bikes with it’s ahead-of-the-curve technology and the innovation really shows in the experience.