The Difference Between Mountain and Road Bikes

In many ways, mountain bikes and road bikes share some features, but there are also some key differences that you should be aware of. A few of these differences include weight, suspension, drivetrain options, and price. We’ll go over these and explore a bit why they matter. Take a look at the differences between mountain bikes and road bikes below.

A major difference is the suspension. Road bikes usually come without them while mountain bikes come with suspension in the front (hardtail) or on both tyres. An enduro or cross-country mountain bike from the likes of pro mountain bike generally offers more travel because they’re designed for the rougher terrain. Road bikes, due to their lower suspension, give the bike a smoother ride overall, especially when going down a road. Each of these has variations with different levels of suspension based on the exact terrain they are supposed to be ridden on.

Another difference between road bikes and mountain bikes is the weight. Mountain bikes, as their name suggests, are made for those who enjoy off-road biking and the rugged terrains of the mountains. They’re designed with the intention of dealing with the rough terrain and dealing with all kinds of obstacles. On the other hand, road bikes are created for those who prefer the smooth ride and riding on smooth roads that they’ll be visiting. Mountain bikes tend to be heavier than road bikes since they’re designed for the heavier rougher terrain. Both types of bikes, however, can easily be converted into an electric assist bike, if the rider feels the need for it. For beginners, getting an electric bike conversion kit can be a good idea as it can help them get used to their bike and increase their riding capacity over time.

Price can be the biggest difference you’ll see in a bike’s design. Mountain bikes tend to be more expensive because they’re more custom built. The custom built bike’s price will be affected by a number of different things including size, material, and design. Road bikes tend to be cheaper due to their mass production. Therefore, you might be able to find a cheaper bike if you shop around a bit.

Drivetrain options can also be the main difference. Mountain bikes tend to offer more rigid suspension and bigger tires for a better overall ride. Road bikes offer a more flexible ride with softer suspension and lighter tires.

When comparing the bikes, be sure to look at how much you can change the bike’s look and function. The differences between the two types of bikes might seem small, but when you add up all the extra features that go into making a bike, you’ll see that buying a road bike is actually cheaper in the long run. And while the road bikes might not be the most stylish or high tech, they are the most practical.