Just two men, cycling their way across the country.

I’m Jerrick, a young a spritely lad with an even younger and more spritely son. Allen is nine and is already well on his way to being a much better cyclist!

Not quite, but he’s definitely showing some real potential.

We started cycling together from the moment he could walk on two legs. I was a semi-professional cyclist who NEARLY made it to the Olympics, but sadly a bad fall rendered me unable to continue with my dream.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, soon after my injury, I was blessed with Allen and I couldn’t wait to show him the ropes and start whipping through the woods with him. He’s a natural too, really comfortable on the bike and speeding along with some major confidence.

We first started this blog to help us document the routes we were taking, what we thought of them and to monitor Allen’s progress. As he got older and started forming opinions, it was his idea to start writing about more diverse subjects and to talk about sport, cycling and health in general. He’s so clued in for such a young kid, I feel like he just knows how the world works.

He does help me write sometimes too and writes posts himself (with a little bit of editing!). He also helped to come up with the design, the colour scheme, everything! I told you he was switched on for a nine-year-old!

Now, we’ve got a fairly impressive following and our traffic seems to be improving and increasing every day! It’s really satisfying to see people reading, commenting and getting involved in the blog and our lifestyle.

Why don’t you become one of those people! Send us a message or comment on a blog and let’s get this show on the road!

Jerrick & Allen