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Brilliant Ideas for Family Bike Rides in London

Since its discovery, cycling has remained one of the life’s simplest pleasures. Not only is a fun activity to engage in but it also helps you to keep you in shape, clear your mind and allow you to enjoy the scenery around you. London is simply a cyclist’s paradise. It boasts of numerous scenic spots, and it’s relatively flat terrain has promoted an increase of …

Cycling Tips for Beginners

Once you learn how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget it, but there are still several things you should know before taking up cycling. Whether you’ve decided to become a pro cyclist, or you see cycling just as a form of recreation, you need to cover all the bases before hitting the road. Not only will this enable you to ride better and faster, …

Five Tips For Biking Safety At Any Age

Cycling can be a great way to get some extra fitness into your day. It’s also a great, healthy hobby. Many families go cycling together. Even some places you may go on vacation offer bicycles as the cheapest mode of transportation available (or if you visit Mackinac Island in Michigan, USA, it’s one of the only two modes of transportation, the other being horse-driven carriage).