Me and Allen love to hear from people that read our blog. It’s so interesting to see what people love and what people really connect with. We started this blog as a personal thing to keep us on track, who would have thought it would grow to this!

You guys have been as much a part of Allen’s childhood as I have! Watching him grow and learn (and hopefully become a superstar cyclist in the future!)

Why don’t you tell us about your experience here at Cyber Cycles? Tell us what you love about the site and let us know what it is you want to hear from us next.

Or maybe you know a cracking cycle route that you really think we should take. Or a destination we should visit that has amazing sporting facilities.

Don’t forget, we’re always willing to try new sports too! Let us know what you’re up to at the moment and we’ll give it a go and let the world know what we think.

We love the cycling community. Both online and in real life, you guys are very much a part of that community and we want to build up this community even more. Speak to us and let’s get a rapport going.

Don’t forget, we do accept guest posts and have advertising opportunities too! Get in touch to find out more or read our guidelines on guest posts for more information.

Please bear in mind, Allen is young and impressionable and being mean over the internet, especially to a young man is not cool. Remember, we are real people, a real family.