Coverage for the Unexpected: Protect Your Trip

Travelling brings out the enthusiastic, the fierce and, the spontaneous in people, that’s why it’s a necessary activity. It steals you from the neighbouring monotony of life and opens you up to new possibilities – the unexpected.

But not all “unexpected” is something we are willing to embrace, as travel (specially to an unfamiliar country or city) means that one is possibly unaccustomed to the risks that exist in the destination. These risks can be a real pain, especially if it will surprise you with physical and financial burdens. Example of these include sudden sickness or injury that will require you to go through a medical procedure or losing your luggage while travelling by bus, leaving you without clothes or a computer.

So, how does one prepare for the unexpected?

Risk management can take up many forms but one of the simplest ways that you can protect yourself is through purchasing travel insurance cover.

So what can an insurance do for you?

  1. It assists you during medical emergencies and repatriation. You do not want to find yourself or a loved one struggling to receive adequate medical attention during a trip in another country. With a medical expense coverage, you can be assured that even without your friends or family, you will receive the care that you need – further, you need not to worry about the financial repercussions of being sick because the insurer will cover it for you. 

Another factor to consider is the possibility of evacuation from one place to a hospital with better facility, or to your home country. The cost of ambulance or airlifts will definitely affect your budget, thus, it’s beneficial that an insurance company covers it for you.

  1. It saves you from the losses associated during trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays. Imagine planning for a month-long Eurotrip and you’ve booked yourself flights, excursions and tour packages, and bus trips. But suddenly, you are required to stay home (due to a valid reason such as sickness, injury, etc.) for reasons beyond your control, how would that feel? It would definitely feel upsetting but it would be more devastating realizing that you can not refund your payments. Travel insurance can save you from these loses as it reimburses you with the expenses you already paid.
  1. It will reimburse you in case of lost luggage and delayed bags. No matter how you try to take care of our belongings, there’s still exist a possibility for you to accidentally lose them, thus, resulting to you spending more to replaced clothes, phone, etc. Travel insurance is supposed to reimburse your lost, stolen, damaged luggage/s.

In case of delayed bags, the insurance will also cover the necessary expenses that you will incur such as clothes and toiletries that you’ll have to purchase while waiting for your bags.

As you look forward to the wonders that await us during our next travel, it’s also crucial to consider the risks and perils that can be inevitable but definitely can be handled through careful planning and purchase of a travel insurance.